The Concept of Feel is one of the most natural things, still hard to explain. It can not be measured only experienced. And most importantly, only You know what You Feel. It cannot be questioned or wrong since Feel is all about personal impressions. 

A game of tennis starts with Your motivation, inner energy and expectations on court but when talking about materials it is about shoes, court, balls, grip, strings and more… but one can never get around the fact that a lot of the Feel is in Your hands – Your Racket. 

The moment when the racket meets the ball at impact is, in our humble opinion, the greatest sensation there is in sports. No other transfer of energy is equally optimized to the human body as the sensation of hitting a tennis ball. Moreover, since the Concept of Feel is a natural phenomenon, it is safe to say that the feeling of hitting a tennis ball with a wooden racket is the greatest feeling in tennis and thus in sports in general. A wooden racket is a natural material extension of Your forearm. 

A racket is often described as feeling soft, stiff, plush, pockets the ball, powerful, controlled, good for top spin or slice and for beginner or advanced player. The description is based on personal preference and a racket that is considered powerful for one player is controlled for another. An Epok racket play like a modern tennis racket since it is designed and constructed according to the design principles that modern technology has paved the way for. These design principles are used by us and transfered into a racket that is handcrafted using traditional knowhow about the most natural material there is – Wood. The racket obtained in this procedure is unparalleled when talking about the Concept of Feel. Feel is materialized in the Epok racket that still play like a modern racket regarding to power, control and spin but the feeling when it’s in Your hands is a unique experience. That is why we call it the Epok Experience. 

When we started to produce our own tennis rackets based on natural and sustainable materials like wood, we experienced something that was new to both of us. The feeling when we had constructed our first very rough Epok prototype gave us goosebumps to see it come together, and especially playing it. Playing our first prototype gave us certainty it could be done! We really can do this! 

Each prototype since then made our path even clearer. The Feel of playing an Epok tennis racket is the same as a modern racket, but still, a bit different. We experience progressive strokes, the racket tends to bend just perfectly around the ball and send it back on it’s way. We know now exactly what we are looking for in a racket and we also believe we found it in Epok.  

We really hope that many of You get to experience Epok tennis rackets. This is the reason for us to make the Alpha Series release as an attempt to kickstart our business as well as serving You the possibility to try it out. And at the same time, helping us on our way to revolutionize tennis. It is time for something new, it is time for something good! It is time for the return of Wood – The Epok Experience. 

Mikael Ludvigsson & Teo Dahnberg

September 2022 


A New Epok For Tennis has Begun.

Join Our Adventure.


In Search For the Ultimate Racket Feeling.

We Found it.


Wood Once Was a Thing of the Past.

Now It’s the Future.