Epok ONE

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This first official model ONE from Epok Tennis after the Alpha (release autumn 2022) and the Beta (release summer 2023) is handcrafted personally by the founders themselves – Teo & Mikael of DL Racketmakers.

Improvements to the playing characteristics are introduced in every individual racket that is built by hand with sincere love for the final result.

Using feedback from Alpha and Beta customers, we have introduced some slight changes in the design elements. It is still based on the carefully selected wood materials maple, ash and walnut. 

If you ever wanted to own and play a racket that offers a truly unique experience – This is Your opportunity.

  • Weight (frame only without grip/buttcap) 310 grams. (+-5g)
  • Weight (with Fairway leather grip and leather buttcap) 340 grams. (+-5g)
  • Unstrung target balance (with leather grip/buttcap) 315 mm. (+-5mm)
  • Beam width 20mm.
  • Head size 98 square inches.
  • Fairway leather grip in tanned brown.
  • Leather Buttcap from Tärnsjö in olive green with embossed DL crest.
  • Double functional Bindings in green silk thread.
  • Grip size: L2, L3, L4, L5 (larger grip sizes will increase target weights)
  • Recommended tension:
    Polyester string: 40 +/- 4 lbs
    Multifilament or natural gut: 44+/-4 lbs.
  • Laser cut inlay Epok logotype of maple in walnut on side of frame

Only FSC certified Maple, Ash & walnut woods are used in Epok rackets.

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1.199  including tax