A Brief History of Wooden Tennis Rackets.

From the beginning of the game of tennis as we know it until the 1980’s which is about a 100 year span, tennis rackets were almost entirely constructed out of wood. There were attempts made throughout this period to make rackets in different materials but nothing that really could convince the ever growing crowd of players to change their minds. Rackets looked about the same for the entirety of that period. 

In the 1980’s there was a period of change when the oversize head rackets was introduced. These rackets let the players to accumulate more spin to the shots since they allowed the ball to hit the string surface from a sharper angle. 

At this time also aluminium and carbon fibre materials were coming on to the market. 

The wooden rackets were put into storages and left there for the new space age material rackets. The development of wooden rackets practically stopped overnight, and no one hardly touched the subject again since then. 

However. Here we are, some 40 years later. 

If the development of wooden tennis rackets wouldn’t have ended back then, who knows what they would look like today?

We were interested to find out and by saying so, we strongly believe that rackets composed by wood materials is not a bad alternative. On the contrary, it is organic, sustainable and it is also a living material. We are convinced that there is a special feeling to a wooden racket that is impossible to mimic from other dead materials. 

How come the finest musical instruments of today are still built from wood? They need to resonate that special tone and they are also each individual instruments. It can only be described as to find that special feeling. 

The difference is of course obvious, You wouldn’t strike a 60 gram ball a million times as hard as You can with an expensive violin, but we promise that You can find the right feeling to do so with an EPOK tennis racket. If You’re up for a change, so are we.  

EPOK tennis rackets are composed by the finest woods we can find on the market. Each veneer layer is 1,5 mm thick and the compositions of the different wood species could be alternated into almost infinite combinations. We use mainly Ash, Maple, Birch and Walnut woods for EPOK tennis rackets. But we are constantly open for trying out new wood species as well. We use only FSC certified woods for our rackets.

Also, as a secret ingredient, DL Racket Makers build that special love for the game of tennis into each racket. In musical terms its called mojo. 


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